Scrap 500 Palladium Prices

Turn old, broken or unwanted 500 palladium jewellery into cash by selling it as scrap to BullionByPost.

It's quick and easy to sell with us. Simply call us today on 01 699 4396 to book a price based on the live spot price and the weight of your jewellery. Once we've fixed the price, send us your jewellery via Express or Special Delivery and we will pay you by bank transfer upon receipt.

If you know the purity and weight of your palladium and are just looking for a quote, you can use our Scrap Palladium Calculator, below, to find out how much your jewellery is worth right now.

500 Scrap Palladium Price Per Gram (€)

Fineness 500g+ 101 - 500g 21 - 100g

Scrap Palladium Price Calculator

Simply enter in the amount of palladium you have in grams and the fineness and we will provide you with an accurate quote.

Weight in Grams

How much is .500 palladium worth?

.500 palladium is 50% pure, meaning that it is worth half of the current spot price for the precious metal. We pay rates based on the live palladium price, meaning that you will always receive a fair and accurate price for your old jewellery.

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If you prefer the personal touch feel free to visit us in our store in Birmingham City Centre, where we will give you a valuation of your jewellery and pay you over the counter. Click here for our contact details.