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2 Pound Gold Coin

The gold £2 coin is a modern successor to the Double Sovereign, made to the same specifications (28.4 mm) and weight (15.98 grams).

Commemorative £2 coins were minted from 1986 for specific years, and then entered general circulation in 1997. Release has been annual since 2001 and typically features a bi-metal design, though £2 gold proof coins are also produced in the same style each year. The Double Sovereign can also feature the classic George & Dragon design in some years.

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Double Sovereign

The Double Sovereign dates back to 1485 when larger sovereigns were struck for presentation purposes. The first official Double Sovereign however was minted in 1820 during the final reign of George III, but only as a pattern rather than a circulation coin. 1823 saw the first circulation of a Double Sovereign for George IV.

As such a high value coin, production was limited during the 19th and early 20th century. Only a few more coins were struck on occasion for William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V and George VI.

It wasn’t until 1994, following a review of UK coinage, that it was agreed a £2 coin could enter general circulation. Since then the gold £2 coin has enjoyed a resurgence. Commemorative coins offer collectors the opportunity to buy limited mintage coins that celebrate key events and people in history.

The bullion Double Sovereign has also become increasingly popular, offering investors all of the tax benefits of the smaller coin, but with twice the amount of gold, overcoming one of the only drawbacks to be found with the Sovereign.