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Silver Britannia

1oz silver Britannia coins available at low margins ideal for investment. We are a Royal Mint authorised distributor. Coin prices include FREE fully insured delivery to Ireland.

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Silver Britannia coins were issued by the Royal Mint since 1987 and initially had a silver purity of 0.958 (95.8%). However since 2013, the fineness had been increased to 0.9999 (99.9%) making the Silver Britannia, a firm favourite with investors and collectors with its iconic Britannia design.

"Britannia" is an ancient name for Great Britain, and has been associated with coinage since early Roman times. Until 1936 it appeared on the UK farthing, UK pennies from 1979 and the UK 50 pence coin until 2008. 

2017 celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Britannia Coin and featured a refreshed design to commemorate the occasion.

Flexible and recognised around the world, the Britannia must be considered by any investor or collector.


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