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Gold Sovereign

BullionByPost is the best place to buy gold Sovereigns: we offer a wide range of gold Sovereign coins available at low margins, and are an official distribution partner to The Royal Mint. Gold Sovereigns are VAT-free in Europe, and are one of the best known bullion coins around the world. This makes these coins one of the most popular choices among investors.

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Gold Sovereign Coin

Gold Sovereign coins in their current form have been produced in the UK for over 200 years, and were used as circulating currency before becoming an exceptionally popular investment coin. Learn more about the specifications and dimensions of the Sovereign. 

For those seeking the very lowest prices we recommend choosing our best value mixed-year coins. This will give you the best way to buy Sovereigns at the lowest prices. We also offer specific years of Sovereigns should you require them to complete your collection, as well as our best selling, brand new, uncirculated British Sovereigns direct from The Royal Mint and their plant in Wales.

Buy Gold Sovereigns

As semi-numismatic coins, certain Sovereign coins can attract demand not only from bullion investors, but also from coin collectors looking for a rare or particularly interesting coin to add to their collection. These coins can often come at inflated premiums due to this additional demand. In fact, an extremely rare Sovereign became the most expensive British coin of all time in 2020 when a numismatic fanatic paid more than £1 million for a 1937 Edward VII Proof Sovereign.

Investors choose to buy gold Sovereigns, as a small unit of gold, thanks to the VAT benefits and low premiums. Known the world over, these coins are respected, recognised and treasured, making them an excellent choice for investment purposes. Those with a historical interest will also buy gold Sovereigns due to their part in British currency history.