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Gold French Francs

20 Franc Gold Coins were minted between the years 1898 and 1914 by the famed Paris Mint, officially known as the ‘Monnaie de Paris.’ Gold 20 franc coins, commonly know as ‘Napoléons', were issued from 1804-14 during the reign of Napoléon Bonaparte.

20 Gold Francs ‘Rooster’ designs were struck at various times between 1898 and 1960, the ‘Ceres' from 1849 to 1851 and the rarer ‘Guardian Angel’ from 1871 to 1898.

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It is believed gold francs were issued as early as 1360 in order to pay for King John II’s ransom but it was not until 1795 that the Franc became the official currency of France. Francs were replaced by Euros in France on January 1, 2002.